For Students/Guardians

For Students/Guardians

It’s not just about where you want your child to go, but what you want your child to become.

Our service is totally FREE TO PARENTS/STUDENTS. Our income derives from Boarding Schools as our introductions save them money on marketing and Domestic/Overseas agents.

Contractual Partnerships

We have close partnerships with boarding schools. These are contractual partnerships, which means that we can operate as an agent for the schools in question, processing your application and submitting it to the institution directly.
These partnerships have enabled us to grow alongside the agents we work with, jointly providing an excellent level of service to parents. We feed back information from schools and guardians on a frequent basis in order that parents are kept informed of the progress of their child at all times and any issues are dealt with promptly and professionally by a member of our team.

Search, Apply, Connect

Search: Through the BoardingEdu ultimate search technology we match your Grades, Budget and Where you would like to study , to produce a tailored set of results. In short, we will help you see which Boarding School you can get in to. Our search speeds up the process by narrowing the vast choice of Schools down to the right Country to apply to based on the criteria that matter to you.

Apply: Our technology-based approach and partner agreements with Boarding Schools means that we generate a response to your applications fast. We know how important it is to find out whether your application has been successful, which is why BoardingEdu aims to get you an answer within a week of application submission.

Connect: Studying in Boarding School is a sensitive decision and there is no better way to find out what it is like than talking to a Guarding/Student from your own country. We provide video chat sessions with Guardian/Students at our partner Schools so you can find out firsthand what it is like to study there.

Services and Benefits for Students

As a student, do you think it would be beneficial if someone can send you all-important information about Boarding School, placement options, higher study options abroad and guide you with scholarships too? And above all an expert advice on most suitable school and career options can really make a difference. After all everyone is too busy to find time and minutely search individual websites of Institutions to get such detailed information. On the other hand we don't expect to be bogged down with many phone calls or Junk emails killing our time and energy.

Thus, BoardingEdu will help everyone by sending them a newsletter every month - full of opportunities in various spheres and tips on developing a career. The difference is that we will recommend you to an expert who will guide you personally throughout the process.

Why Us

It's quite simple; we charge the Boarding Schools for our services. Being an ethical service provider, we do not have the policy of double charging i.e. charging the institutions overseas as well as charging you. We only bill the institutions for our services thus saving you significant amount of money that you would incur otherwise.

Contact us today to get free advice for your child's educational future. Through our experience in applying to the best boarding schools worldwide, we can offer you the best advice as well as consultant service.