For Education Agents

For Education Agents

Welcome to BoardingEdu only Technology driven Platform in the world that is committed to bridge the gap between Boarding Schools, Admission Consultant and Students under one roof. Where students can get real time online as well as offline consultancy and clear all their queries free of Cost at the same time Our Educational Consultants have the opportunity to represent more than 2000+ Boarding Schools worldwide and get Paid by Boarding Edu on each Confirm Admission.

Are You a
• Freelance Education Consultant
• Startup Education Agency
• Small Established Education Agency
• Large Multiple Office Education Agency
• Want to become a Certify Education Consultant

Educational consultancy plays a vital role in for shaping a student career by providing accurate information of the Institution and act as back bone for Educational Institutions for their Admission Need.

Who is a Verified Agent?

When you register with BoardingEdu, you are taking the first step to Join World’s Largest Chain of Educational Consultants. Once you login to the account you are requested to fill the details required in promoting you effectively amongst Best Boarding Schools Worldwide and students. You are also requested to fill up three references of your trade and introduce them, an automated reference email is sent to the referrer for reference check. Upon verification agent is marked as Verified and Premium for better rankings on the search list and allow us to forward you student and institution enquiries.

Our aim is to help you with every stage of your Professional Educational Consultancy As well As on-time payouts with regular income without any disruption or stress, starting from generating leads to confirming admission applications to school.
Here’s how you can use our technology, services and resources to get an internationally recognised Educatioal Consultant from a top overseas Boarding Schools:

What Happens Next?

Having a decade rich experience in servicing education Industry the team of BoardingEdu understands the type of daily problems Educational Consultants face. Please look at the Agent CRM that can help you manage your all rutine work and increase the student conversion rate for you. Functions and features of the CRM system allows you to save your saving money, time and efforts usually spent on the processing of student applications.

BoardingEdu CRM is Specialsed for Educational Consultants BoardingEdu CRM is designed to provide a smart solution to technology needs of Education admission industry. It provides operational and decision making support for an Educational Consultant. It provides solution from right beginning from enquiry till student last step of approval. The scope of System covers the entire lifecycle of business covering the area of:

BoardingEdu Management Information System (MIS) MIS was never as exciting as it is now. Simply by click of a button, you can view Lead analysis, Student analysis, Current performance status, Financial analysis, Marketing effects, School analysis and many more.

Lead Management- Lead has its own life cycle from follow up, appointment, visit to registered student. Most important is the conversion ratio analysis, which can give insight of performance of each staff

Student Management -The system architecture supports the requirement of gathering most of the information of student. By gathering the information of Enquiry Source, decision taking can be done for investment in specific marketing.

Application Management -The same enquiry can be converted into application or new application can be created. One student can apply for multiple Schools but still track different status for different application.

Student History- To track the student history, who has contacted student last time, when the student was contacted and last discussion, these entire thing can be stored into CRM.

Follow-Up- Activities works as a reminder for users. User can write down what would be the next activity for a particular student. Manager can also assign work to counselor. Added comment to a activity will act as History for that user.

Invoicing- On the basis of approved students and universities criteria’s, system will generate a list of students for invoicing. User can just select the students and create online invoice and send it to university and also track the payment. System does have facility to raise debit and credit note.

Agreement- How better it will be if someone is there to remind you for everything, yes our system too have reminder for agreement.