For Boarding Schools

For Boarding Schools

Looking for an innovative Concept for Marketing & Advertising of Your Boarding School

We know that because most schools are run on extremely tight budgets (we know you’d rather spend money on books and facilities for your students than spin-doctoring and marketing), admin staff rather than marketing professionals are often asked to pick up the marketing slack.

In an increasingly competitive market it's essential to market a school strategically to ensure a solid return on investment (ROI).
We regularly talk to boarding schools, who simply don't understand how to:

• Get a positive message out to the community
• Communicate effectively online and Offline
• Reduce marketing budgets whilst increasing ROI
• Compete for pupils and highly qualified staff with other schools
• Where to advertise and how to market school
• What channels to priorities and who to trust


Marketing your Boarding School is about to get so much easier with BoardingEdu

• Claim Your School Profile Free “Gain Visibility”

Now a day’s Students/Guardians want to gather more information about your school before they decide to contact you for Admission Enrollment.
BoardingEdu, offers a simple way for Students/Guardians to find your boarding school and ask for more information. By making it effortless for families to connect with schools, more students can raise their hands to signal earlier interest.

As a school leader, you know your school best. We want to help you tell your school’s story and ensure our information is as robust and accurate as possible. With this in mind, we offer school officials for free School Accounts, which you can use to “claim” your school’s profile and update key information, upload pictures or videos, and share more about what makes your school unique.

• Make a Feature Page of Your School“Advancing Business Excellence”

What is a School Feature Page?

A School Feature Page is an entire page on this website dedicated to your school. It provides an opportunity to inform the Visitors/ General Masses about your school in detail as well as special Notification Regarding Admission also You Can share your School Video, School Facebook Page and Twitter Page as well to Share and Know more about your School .

Key Feature
• A description of all aspects of your school
• Share Your School Video via You Tube Link
• Share Your Social Media Account
• Special Admission Announcements and Last Minute Reminder
• Contact Details with Phone No and Correspondence Address
• Website link and email address
• Brochure/Prospectus for download
• Upload Upto 10 Photographs of Your Choice


Reach New Market “Smart Strategies and Stronger Networks”

Boarding Edu supports our Client Schools by offering the resources and tools that help in Student enrollment. At Boarding Edu, we believe that admission practices of the past will not sustain more in the Future. Every day, we serveBoarding Schools, increasing their success through the best science, research, and training. Because when Best schools enroll great students, everything is possible.

Your Partner

We are committed to developing smart and strategic enrollment practices for boarding schools. We know that building your school community takes equal parts heart and science. That’s why we have developed the most complete set of student enrollment resources available to help you better benchmark and understand your competitive realities, to the personalized outreach support and leadership development to help you make sense of it all.
No matter what kind of challenges or opportunities your boarding school faces, our team will meet you where you are and help to create an action plan to increase your success.

We understand the pressure and challenges that boarding schools face. Through our industry expertise, innovative tools, and support for every level of professional, Boarding Edu remains committed to delivering the resources that can help both you and your school achieve to potential.

Start Admission Marketing for Your School “Increase You Success”

Every school has something they are good at that makes a difference. We want to acknowledge, celebrate and share the things that work brilliantly in your school! School leaders are invited to share their effective and outstanding practice with us. You could get unique opportunities to work with other innovative leaders who share your passion for excellence. Don’t put it off, show off your school!

We specialize in finding talent and diversity for your campus.

Enhance your marketing efforts with more customized, relevant information. BoardingEdu user-friendly experience ensures that you'll be able to create more innovative marketing campaigns, measure their effectiveness and market directly to international Students and Agents.

Global diversity is a key factor for many Boarding Schools. We recruit from 50+ countries around the world. BoardingEdu operates 11 separate websites. We provide a search facility to help Parents/Students find a Boarding School in a particular Area/Country, plus advice about how to choose the right Boarding School. For those parents needing more guidance, we offer a bespoke consultancy service to find the school which is a perfect fit for your child. The consultation is always free. Our primary role is to connect students/guardians with Boarding Schools around the world in collaboration with Education Partners /Consultants which holds multi-year experience in counseling and consultancy for student recruitment.

Benefits of working with us

• Well established and trusted brand.
• Page specific highly targeted advertising.
• Global reach with 11 top level countrywide website
• Large growing audience of over 1,040,000 unique visits per month.
• Cost effective advertising solutions to suit all budgets.
• Geo targeting capability on country, city and town scale.
• Able to provide transparent, measurable campaign reports.
• Strong association with domestic and overseas Education Partners/Agents/Consultants.

Connect Education Consultants Worldwide “Unique Relationships, Exceptional Savings”

BoardingEdu closely work with thousand of education consultants on work/ agreement basis . where you don’t have to go here and there to communicate or collaborate with Education Consultants for Your Admission Needs , You will get all services under one roof i.e. you can singn the MOU directly with boarding edu regading commission that you provide on each admission and rest is our work .

BoardingEdu brings a unique personalized service that takes away your workload and assures a foolproof and risk-free way of attracting quality students. With this personalized setting you are free from the burden of achieving international targets, so your school can concentrate more on research and education.